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Things to Know When Buying Christmas Lights

Months ending "ber" signify the upcoming Christmas season. In these holiday season,  you usually hear children singing carols and you see people exchanging gifts.

 Christmas is a reminder of Christ's birth.  During this season, people are busy making Christmas lists. Written on these lists  are Christmas presents you wish to give to your family, Christmas decors for your  house be filled with Christmas spirit, and food to cater during Christmas eve.

Christmas decorations have always been one of the priorities of our Christmas  shopping list. It is because these decorations complete the spirit of the holiday  season. Christmas trees and Christmas wreaths are examples of these decors. And  what's a Christmas tree without Christmas lights?

Christmas lights carry out the whole aura of this season. These lights give life to  other Christmas decors through their varying designs and colors.  People usually put these Christmas lights on Christmas trees along with other  decorations. Others also decorate these Christmas lights on their gardens to give a  joyful image both on the inside and outside of their houses. In buying Christmas  lights, you must take into consideration the following guidelines;

o Make a layout of the design of the output you wish to have.  This would enable you to estimate how long the Christmas lights must be. This would  also give you a picture of the expected outcome and overcrowding of lights could be  avoided.

o Determine the length of the area you wish to light and estimate at least 35  to 50 feet in case of adjustments.

o Search for appropriate lights to decor.  If you're going to decorate a big tree, use big lights to complement with the tree.  For shrubs and bushes, use miniature lights.

o Decide on what best fits the design. Choose from having plain white or go  with varying colors instead. Set up a regular kind of lights or go with those of  specialty lights.

o Take into consideration the power supply your Christmas lights need. The  voltage should correspond with the power source you have.

o Do wise shopping. Since it's a holiday season, stores compete with each  other. These would give you the chance to shop in a store that would provide same  quality of the product at low price.  Caution:

o It is better to find an electrician to install the Christmas lights. With  this, further injuries could be avoided. You must also instruct the electrician to  put these outlets on a switch so that you don't have to unplug all outlets one by  one.

o Christmas lights with timer are more appropriate. These would necessarily  mean that you don't have to switch the lights off. It would automatically turn off  depending on its settings.

o Use the strings appropriate on its purpose. If it's for outdoor use only, use  it as it is. This would ensure your safety for probable malfunctioning might happen.  Kinds of Christmas Lights

o Small incandescent bulbs - these are small 120 volt lights. These are similar  to night lights, each having 5 - 10 watt bulb.  The advantage of having these kinds of Christmas lights is that the bulbs are  positioned on parallel. These would mean that a possible failure of one bulb won't  affect the function of other lights.

o Mini-lights - these are 2.5 volt incandescent light.  To be able to plug these 2.5 volt lights in a 120 volt outlet, you must connect them  in series. The difference between the above mentioned Christmas lights and these mini  lights is that when one bulb failed to function, then the rest of the bulb would also  fail to function.

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